Editing Instructions

Adding Pages to the Venice 2.0 Archive

Login to the CMS here:



From the Main Menu, choose Manage
From the submenu, choose Pages

Here you see all the Pages comprising the site; you also can create new Pages

To create a new Page, click Create a New Page
Add a Title to the Page
Then, in the Page Content area:

Add a picture to the top, link the project files, and create the Summary, Team, and Sponsor areas

To add a picture, scroll down to the bottom of the window where you see Upload and Browse All
Select Upload
Press Browse to locate the image on your local machine
Be sure the image is resized to 650px wide
Give the image a Title and Description
Press the Upload button
Once the image is uploaded select Full Size for Show and None for Link to
Place your cursor at the top of the edit window then press the Send to editor button
Your image should now be at the top of the new Page

Uploading project files is the same process, only at the end select Link to File to create a link to your newly uploaded file.

Create the headings for Summary, Team, and Sponsor using the Heading 2 from the format bar

Links can be create from any text using the chain link icon in the format bar
Images can be linked to text using the small tree icon in the format bar.

In the menu to the right of the edit window, open the Discussion menu
Deselect Allow Comments and Allow Pings

In the Page Parent menu, select the parent Page that your new Page maps to (Art, for example)

In the Categories menu, either select an existing Category or create a new one using the text field

Beneath the edit window add a few descriptive tags to enable better searching.

When all is done, press the Publish button beneath the edit window
At any time, you can save your work by pressing the Save and Continue Editing button

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License