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Should connect all the "pieces" of the big Venice Project Center 20th Anniversary plan, from Venice 1.0 stuff (like the Wikibook) to Venice 2.0 and beyond to Venice 3.0. In essence, it needs to capture the content of the "big picture" diagram. The placeholder Venice 2.0 web site is an attempt to do just that, but it's obviously indequate for the task. There are some major sub-pages envisioned right below the main Venice 2.0 page:


Here are some design ideas we've discussed so far:

  • A "claims to fame" box which randomly picks one of our claims to fame from a repository somewhere on our server. Right now, the only place to get a flavor of our claims to fame is a very large powerpoint (45Mb), which is available also as a smaller (10mb) PDF document. Our media exposure ought to be circulated through here as well. Model: MIT main page
  • An "issues" photo strip similar to the one shown on the MIT Senseable lab web site. Issues could be: "Public Art", "Moto Ondoso" "Canal Maintenance", "Boat Traffic" etc. Each issue would have its own page (with embedded claims to fame), plus major achievements in that area and links to related projects in the project archive.
  • Some sort of RSS ticker line in the Venice University of Architecture (IUAV) page?

Here is what the page looks like right now
Here is the admin page

Editing Instructions

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A few remarks:
- Is it possible to change default actions, e.g., disabling the comments/ping checkboxes by default, so that each new page creator doesn't have to do it by hand?
- I notice that each page has this olive-colored bar across the top. Can this bar be colored according to category?
- Can page properties like background color, font color, etc. be altered by the creator of each page? This would allow a little more customizability…
- I like that it is still possible to insert images inline, rather just in pre-set locations. I suppose this is an advantage of using WordPress or whatever it is, rather than a different, more restrictive CMS.

So, I like it and say "let's use it."


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